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How to Measure High Heels

This is a general guide for measuring high heels and it is also an explanation for how we, at Sandal World, get our measurements you see for our heels.

Flats Under 1 inch Under 2.5 cm
Low Heels 1 inch - 2 inches 2.5 cm - 5 cm
Mid Heels 2 inches - 3 inches 5 cm - 7.5 cm
High Heels 3 inches - 4 inches 7.5 cm - 10 cm
Very High Heels over 4 inches over 10 cm

Here is an example of point to point, how we measure our heels:

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How to Measure Heel Height for High Heels

An important thing to say is that the standard heel measurement is taken for all styles from a standard measure - Size 8 U.S. or 39 EU. Larger size sandals will have a relatively higher heel and lower size sandals will have a relatively lower heel, proportionately. This is due to the actual arch in the heel of the sandal. While this is true, it also doesn't cause the heel height to vary by a large degree thus one for any size can use the heel height guide approximately.

The actual amount of variance per increase or decrease in the sandal size from a U.S. Size 8 or EURO Size 39 is .07 to .11 inches or 2 to 3 mm.

U.S. Example
Thus a 4 inch heel for a size 8 sandal will be 3.5 inches for a size 5 sandal

Euorpean Example
Likewise a 10cm heel for a size 39 will be 9cm for a size 35 sandal.